Recruit more muscle groups with the tool that demands a proper lift.

Transcend your training with a tool that securely yokes kettlebells to your barbell for more challenging reps that will leave you shredded and stronger.

Shake Up Your Routine.

OXN’s pendulum motion and unique weight distribution varies your training and creates an unpredictable experience that makes you work harder.

Strength & Stability with OXN

Safely ensure good form with the tool that scientifically makes it impossible to cheat the lift.

Improve muscle memory and movement isolation while reducing the negative impact of momentum.

Increased Motor Control

Requires the nervous system to continuously adapt and learn how to improve control of the joints and surrounding muscle tissue.

Oscillating Kinetic Energy

Continuous movement requires stabilizer activation around joints.

Increased Blood Flow

Increased blood flow to muscles, ligaments and joints due to higher recruitment allows for maximum recovery.

Force your equipment to work as hard as you do.

You don’t have to buy additional weights to build additional muscle mass. OXN makes your existing weights and kettlebells work harder by yoking them together for maximum results.

How it Works?

Strap in kettlebells. Slide onto barbell. Lift.

Strong and Safe

Made of forged steel and designed to fit on a standard barbell. Ratchet straps securely and safely attach to any kettlebell handle.


Blah blah blah yeah it's awesome!

John Deo

Blah blah blah yeah it's awesome!

Jane Deo

Blah blah blah yeah it's awesome!

John Deo

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